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"There I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces at the “Homeschool Support Group,” ugly crying to a stranger I had just met about how hard homeschooling was and how badly I was failing my kids..."


The veteran mom’s advice was to try something new, relax, and give it time. I went home even more overwhelmed.  All the advice was good—great even—but how!? What new things should I try? How do I relax when my children’s education and well-being are in my hands? 

But God, Oh don’t you love those two words? BUT. GOD. 

Less than 48 hours after that embarrassing night God led me to Jenna Ditsch.   I was actually so embarrassed about the night before that I had entertained the idea of canceling with Jenna and just enrolling the kids in school.  I’m SO glad I followed through with meeting Jenna. God knew that Jenna would be just the right person to help me make a decision for schooling my kids, homeschooling or otherwise, and how to take action toward the choice that was best for our family.


Jenna let me verbalize everything: my fears, my worries, and more importantly, my goals and dreams. She helped me come to understand and articulate our family’s schooling philosophy, beliefs, and values. I learned about how to choose and create curriculum and how to assess my children's progress in a way that is user-friendly, flexible, and that gives me peace of mind. After meeting with her for just two hours, I walked away with tangible action steps. I felt refreshed, empowered, and supported.



"Meeting with Jenna truly transformed our homeschool experience. My kids are now SO excited to come to the table each morning!"



Jenna helped with not only an individualized homeschool plan, but made me aware of how fears were driving my decision-making, and gave me tools to overcome those fears. Jenna was professional, yet warm, and very easy to talk to. I was amazed at how much we accomplished in only two hours!


Since meeting with Jenna, I now feel confident about how to implement the right kinds of learning activities to meet my children’s interests, unique learning styles, and developmental needs.  I came out of the meeting armed with doable action steps, renewed hope, and a clear but flexible plan for working through future issues that are likely to come up.


This experience helped me to see that we all need support.


~ Emily, Mother of 3, Geneva IL ~

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