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“No pain, no gain” as the old saying goes. But what about when there seems like there’s a lot of pain—but no gain? Meet Jenna, an ordinary single mom, who had an extraordinary experience from “graveyard to garden” in the midst of a traumatic life collapse. The year was 2019 and the world was teetering on the verge of a pandemic that would throw the globe into a “new normal” that would be anything but “normal.” Life certainly wasn’t normal for Jenna. In the span of a few weeks, she lost her husband, a close family member, her house, her job, and her dreams for the future. Jenna had reached the end of herself and had nothing left but a desperate plea for help, knowing that without supernatural intervention, she wouldn’t survive. 

With no strength to stand, Jenna one night fell to her knees—weeping being the only prayers she could offer. She had a spiritual encounter in which she learned how the graveyard of all that had died in her life could in fact be the rich soil of a garden in which a new future could be grown. 

Jenna is versatile, forward-thinking strategist with extensive experience in education, writing, ministry, and coaching who desires to help the overwhelmed parent, educator, or writer desiring creative alternatives to “one-size-fits-all” parenting, education, and publishing. 


She believes in putting compassion to action and spirit to strategy as she guides individuals to transform challenges into opportunities, offering unique insights for personal development, product development, and ministry growth. 

Jenna, a published author, holds a Master's in Personal Formation and a Bachelor's in Education with over two decades of experience navigating diverse roles in a variety of settings, from family to faith and from classroom to corporate. As a seasoned communications expert, Jenna excels in creating original content with a focus on compelling narratives and educational content. Having previously been a teacher, a subject matter expert in Reading and Writing, an assessment specialist, a freelance writer, a developmental editor, and a homeschool coach, Jenna has a unique understanding of the intersecting spheres of family, education, faith, and publishing.

If you long for more but feel stuck settling for less, you are in the right place because Jenna’s heart is to share her experience, expertise, and insights to help you discern God’s way through. Contact Jenna for speaking engagements, podcast appearances, breakthrough coaching, writing projects, and more, and grow your dreams into realities.

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