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Will You Choose Your Own Adventure?

Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? That is where we are at--a quantum moment in between one era and the next. Every person has the right to choose your alignment, but if you are committed to fulfilling your God-given assignment that means the true Church must step forward collectively, as One, choosing as Jesus would "Your will (Father), not my will, be done, on Earth as it is in heaven."

But it must start with you at the micro level before we can see the manifestation at a macro level. We cannot rise up as the powerful and glorious bride unless each individual makes the choice to be "all-in."

The quantum quest for God is abiding in the "eternal-now-perfect-path" of Jesus Christ. You experience singularity and oneness with Christ as you set all your "choice switches" to YES GOD-YOUR WILL, YOUR WAY. It is like a domino effect in which your first YES locks-in an ongoing and eternal series of YES pathways to God's perfect will for your life.

You must not be passive in your own story and simply wait to see "what happens" in your life, for that's the ultimate surrender to evil--giving away your freedom to choose. Get above the binary choices of the world where the enemy traps you on both sides of two-dimensional earthly wisdom, which is but foolishness to God. It's not a time for red or blue because they are two sides of the same earthly coin. It's time for purple. Come up higher. To a higher dimension and perspective. To the place of being a royal son and daughter--being seated with Christ where we are above the storm and not in it. In the world, not of it.

The quantum path is a narrow path requiring you to lose your life in order to find it, with tests required to "level-up" which contain thresholds impossible to cross without the Spirit of Wisdom as your guide and Jesus as the foundation that bridges the expanse.

Humility is required. Repentance is required. Teachability and flexibility, too. But also courage, action, and commitment. This is not a "sidelines moment"--you were never meant to live on the outside of your own life's significance. You are in 2021 for a reason. Ask God what that reason is. Then don't just hear--but hear and obey. Faith is obedience in action.

What is God asking you to do?

Will you accept the mission to travel this unique path?

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