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As your personal homeschool educational consultant, I am here to help you empower your child(ren) to excel not just in learning, but in life.  I can help you come up with a homeschool program that is custom-fit to your family’s values by helping you in:


 *Teaching a child not just to learn, but to think and reason.


  *Guiding a child with values, not just learning goals.          


  *Inspiring children to care about the impact they can make in others’ lives, not just focus on their own success.


  *Showing children to practice wisdom, not just gain knowledge.  


 *Motivating children to aim for excellence in alignment with their God-given destiny, purpose, and passion, instead of striving for  “perfection” as defined by an educational  model or theory.







Tip of the Week:  


Imagine what you want your child to be able to do by the end of the year.  Make a list. Use this list to inform your decision-making.  There are many good ideas out there, but you don't want to be so busy with good things, that you don't make room for what's best!

It would be my pleasure to assist you in creating an individualized homeschool plan that celebrates your child’s unique personality, learning style, interests, and that builds on strengths and talents that are already present.


A plan designed from a place of vision instead of from a textbook or curriculum alone, all while ensuring that your child is learning, at minimum, the skills kids are expected to master in public and private schools, and that will be foundational for college and career success later in life.


I can help you with no-hassle assessments to give you peace of mind so that you know what your child is mastering and where extra support is needed. I can recommend curriculum, help you design your own, share useful resources, and even offer discounts on accredited classes with online homeschool academies or extracurricular classes being offered by local tutoring centers. Whether you are just getting started, trying to navigate through a transition, need help motivating your child, or need academic or spiritual support, I am here to create a unique package to meet your needs and that will work with your budget.


Whether you take advantage of the free events and resources I offer or hire me to help you create an individualized homeschool plan, my heart is to support you on your journey and to connect you with like-minded families.  Just because you are at home, doesn't mean you have to do schooling alone!


Contact me today for a FREE consultation to see how I can enhance

your homeschool education! 


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