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Prophetic Strategy & 

Breakthrough Coaching Services

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 I’m here to help you empower your perspective, to encourage your passion, and to equip you to overcome the obstacles that threaten to steal your desired future—and to do this all in a way that celebrates your uniqueness and allows you to be true to you.


I utilize a variety of coaching methods and creative tools to design a program that is unique to you. Being true to you means pursuing your purpose with passion and peace because you’ve embraced the process of discovering who you are and what your life is about.  Being true to you means knowing what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to because you know who you are, what you want, and where you want to go.  You’re empowered to invest your time, energy, effort, and resources in what truly matters to you. 



Are you surviving or thriving?
I want to empower you with ancient truths so that you can activate the power of divine exchange in your life. Taking your life back starts by learning who took it and how you lost it.
It's time to live a life full of victory and power!

I specialize in helping people with the following:


  • Reframing perspectives, dismantling negative thought patterns, attaining holistic health, and attracting success

  • Discovering life purpose, clarifying career and vocational selection, and creating vision, goals and action plans 

  • Connecting with passion, capitalizing strengths, managing weaknesses, and building skill sets

  • Overcoming obstacles, breaking negative cycles of behavior, and being set free from fear, worry, and other hindrances

  • Creating healthy relationships, effectively communicating, and dealing with conflict in a positive way

  •  Practicing techniques for inner-healing, emotional and spiritual strengthening,  and attaining freedom from traumas or emotional wounds

  • Being intentional about living life

  • Empowering you to make decisions from a place of peace and clarity

  • Brainstorming creative solutions and strategic planning 




Ask about group coaching packages for:

overcoming relational hurdles

-  finding joy and healing after divorce

-  how to reconnect with God after deep disappointment

-  prophetic vision-casting and teambuilding support for families, ministries, schools, and businesses


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