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Jenna Ditsch is a prophetic strategist, content curator, and breakthrough coach, as well as a homeschool enthusiast and justice reformer at heart. Trained in teaching, spiritual formation, inner healing, and life coaching, Jenna is passionate about helping others renew their minds and heal their hearts so that they can discover the powerful impact of their unique, God-given purpose.

Jenna dives deep into the mysteries of the heavenly realm and makes key take-aways plain so that others may grab ahold of the revelations and run their race with divine insight. Her most important role is being mommy to two adorable, intuitive, and energetic kiddos.


One mandate Jenna is working on is related to designing training and coaching opportunities to empower others to live powerful lives of freedom, peace, joy, and authentic influence.  She helps people partner with the spirit of wisdom and revelation so they can move from surviving to thriving by being anchored in vertical alignment with heaven and strategically embracing obstacles as opportunities for deep transformation.


Jenna is also in the process of designing collectives in which people come together in a spirit of unity with diversity to participate in authentic community in which they co-live, co-learn, co-create, and co-work, bringing the spheres of influence together into family-like ecclesiastical communities that are equipped to both shepherd and govern "on earth as it is in heaven."

Jenna has written close to a hundred stories for educational publications and is an A-list writer in her field. She holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Spiritual Formation and Ministry and a Bachelor of Science in Education. Her experience includes life coaching, teaching in both public and private schools, and ministry roles including serving as a director of children’s ministry, a leadership development consultant, and as the pioneering force behind an innovative discovery center of spiritual formation and growth.


Although Jenna has varied formal training and experience, she considers the periods of greatest hardship in her life to be the most important qualifiers of her ministry--when what she professed to believe was put to the test. Her most significant credential is what she's gained by facing the challenges of a life that fell apart and learning to access the wisdom of heaven spoken of in James 1, considering it joy when facing trails of various kinds, leading to endurance and being approved by testing, resulting in a faith that is full and complete. 

Jenna has not officially launched full-force yet as she is still in the process of creating transformative resources and master classes that you can expect to see the emergence of mid-2022. She hopes you will subscribe to her mailing list and blog to get updates about her launch, including how to qualify for free materials.  

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