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That dream...that passion...that vision you've carried on the inside for so you have faith to believe that if you plant it in the right soil that it will grow? That vision from above, rooted in love, will grow into the solution you and so many others need. Let Jenna help you find the path of acceleration for breakthrough and growth... the time to start is NOW! 

Jenna is versatile, forward-thinking strategist with extensive experience in education, writing, ministry, and coaching who desires to help the overwhelmed parent, educator, or writer desiring creative alternatives to “one-size-fits-all” parenting, education, and publishing. 

If you long for more but feel stuck settling for less, you are in the right place because Jenna’s heart is to share her experience, expertise, and insights to help you discern God’s way through.

Contact Jenna for speaking engagements, podcast appearances, breakthrough coaching, writing projects, and more, and grow your dreams into realities.

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