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Do you feel like you are stuck in quicksand, unable to move forward?

Does it seem like the prayers you pray get lost in translation?

Do you know about the divine exchange that occurs in repentance and how the enemy interrupts that process to steal from you?

Did you know that the enemy can’t steal from you unless he has permission?

All this time you thought God was holding out on you, but the truth is that you have an invisible enemy who has been stealing your breakthroughs. The thief offers shortcuts and empty promises offering to sell your inheritance back to you, only he charges interest and entraps you in legal contracts that leave you broke, bitter, and unbelieving. And the worst part is that you don't even know you've signed your assets over to him!

If you want to understand the other side of repentance to unlock breakthroughs in your life and so that your prayers will actually be the powerful and effective, then this challenge is for you!

Time to stop making deals with the devil and getting caught in his legalistic loopholes. He tricked Adam and Eve. He tricked Esau. And many more since then. I want you to see how he's been stealing from you so he will no longer be able to trick you!


If you are ready to break your contract with the thief of your destiny and upgrade into a divine trade, click below to learn about how to be a part of the "Make a Trade Challenge."

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