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          FIRST: CREATE a Plan

Step 1: Parent Interview: 

* Capture The Dream (The What) 

* Recognize Your Heart (The Why)

* Empower Character (The Who)

* Activate Talents and Team (The How)

* Equipped for Excellence (The Outcome)








Step 2: Student Interview: 

* Learning Style

* Strengths

* Skills

* Interests

* Attitude









Curriculum Selection

I will help you find a curriculum, giving you my professional recommendation for what will best fit your family’s needs


Curriculum Review

Have your curriculum narrowed down to a few choices but not sure which is best?  I will review your options and give you my professional recommendation based on your family’s unique needs and desires









Step 3: Report of Findings: 

* Delivery of Individualized Homeschool Plan (IHP)







Curriculum Development

I will help you custom-design your very own curricular units and/or write individual lesson plans









Assessment Support

Learn how to collect data and how to create your own formal and informal assessments in a way that fits your teaching style


Customized Assessment

I will create customized informal and formal assessments for you to use in measuring your child's progress













Diagnostic Norm-Referenced Testing

I will give you a recommendation and a discount coupon to work with one of my partnering testing centers to receive in-depth diagnostic testing so you can see how your child performs across various skills as compared to other students in the state (useful to inform instruction to see where child's "gaps" are and to prepare for traditional school reentry)











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